About Us

Farmington Heating and Metal in 1958
Farmington Heating & Metal Company was started by Clair and Ed Miller and Jess Beard in 1952. Clair and Ed Miller eventually sold their interest in the company to Jess and Marliette Beard and moved to Albuquerque where they started up what is now Miller Bonded Company. Jess and Marliette operated the company for 42 years and then sold their interest in the company to Al and Mildred Kuchera. Al and Mildred Kuchera along with their family have operated the company since 1994.

The company is committed to providing our customers with quality service. We provide our customers with technical expertise in heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Because of our company owners’ engineering backgrounds, our company is dedicated to utilizing the highest heating & air conditioning and air quality technical standards in the industry. Our company has been one of the leading heating & air conditioning service companies in the Four Corners Area for more than 59 years.